3 looks/outfits and 3 locations
Custom announcements are available near graduation

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$150 session fee (non rep)
$99 for rep
Packages start at $400

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1. You get your photos done before almost everyone else! 
2. Your session is completely styled around you
3. As a rep, you get 20% off package options. 
4. Your family receives a complimentary family session any time after your main session, images included. 
5. As a thank you, you receive a complimentary cap and gown/college T-shirt session right before you graduate, and you get the images. 
6. As a joining the team thank you, you get a $51 gift certificate towards your session fee, which brings it down to $99 at the time of booking. You get a SECOND $51 gift card to put down a second session if you choose to do one at a later date as well. 
7. Your receive a phone app that’s a $275 value to share your images. If you choose a package that includes the phone app, that $275 can be put towards something else you’d like. Photos you choose while ordering on your main session and as time goes along if you participate in the fun sessions will be added to your app. 

It doesn’t matter what activity you like, sport you're in, instrument you play. I want to work with kids (and parents) who are kind and have a heart to help others. That is what I am about, and what my brand stands for, so we hope you can help spread our brand with the smile that makes you, YOU!

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